Why settle for just one of our masks when you can get three in one set?

This trio of our bestselling face masks visibly clears, tightens and instantly restores skin’s dewy, hydrated glow.
Perfect for day, night or in flight, THIRSTYMUD™(50G) instantly restores and calms skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing with powerful hyaluronic acid, coconut and honey.
Activated-X Charcoal and kaolin clay team up in SUPERMUD®(30G) to detox deep within pores, remove dead skin cell buildup and fight skin imperfections for clearer, poreless-looking skin. The perfect pre-makeup treatment, GRAVITYMUD™(30G) transforms from white to brilliant chrome and gently peels off to reveal firmer and more lifted-feeling skin.

We love it for
✔ Dryness
✔ Pores
✔ Dullness / Uneven Texture
1. Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with fingers or a brush, avoiding the eyebrows and hairline.
2. Leave on and relax for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. The treatment will change color from white to chrome as it dries.
4. Once it’s completely dried, gently peel off from the edges of the face.
5. Rinse off any excess with warm water.
6. Use twice a week for best results.
7. As a pro tip, use the mask as a pre-makeup treatment for visibly firm and toned skin.

Precautions:Avoid the eye area.

1. Use as a full-face mask one to three times a week
2. Apply a thin layer to clean skin; leave on until the mask hardens.
3. Remove with water.
4. This product tingles to let you know it is working.
5. Skin may appear flushed for a short time.

Precautions:Keep away from eyes. This product may increase sun photosensitivity.Not for use on open skin. External use only. If in doubt, consult a physician before use.

1. Use two to three times per week or when needed.
2. Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin.
3. Can be used on the face, neck, and chest.
4. Daytime use: leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, allowing product to absorb into the skin.
5. Wipe off with tissue and massage remaining product into skin or rinse with water.
6. Nighttime use: leave on to infuse the skin with moisture and wake up with extremely hydrated skin.
7. In-flight use: apply at beginning of the flight and leave on for flight duration.

Precautions:Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.For external use only.
HYALURONIC ACID A powerful moisture magnet that instantly hydrates skin. SUPER SIX ACID BLEND Unclogs and minimizes the look of pores LICORICE & MARSHMALLOW LEAF TEAOXI® Helps skin look and feel firmer and lifted.