THIRSTYMUD™ is our most advanced hydrating treatment that provides instant, lasting hydration. With powerful hyaluronic acid, coconut, ginger, and honey, this creamy mud treatment restores and calms skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing.

Perfect for day, night, or in-flight!

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★Dewdration™  2%
LONG-TERM-HYDRATION with a powerful trio of liquid acids designed to provide the most significant hydration & barrier actives. Using a scientifically advanced blend of the world’s most trusted hyaluronic, citric & acrylic acids it provides the deepest skin penetration for an instant dewy, youthful result.
★HydraPack™ 7%
MEDIUM-TERM-HYDRATION with an innovative creation of specialized hydration actives Botanimoist® Apple Moisturizing Saccharide with natural
Malic & Hydroxy acids, and sodium Hyluronate, to refresh & nourish depleted skin. Combined with skin absorption super-micro HydraClay™ to trap
& retain moisture deep in the skin multiple times its weight, leaving your skin with an instant silky, soft & supple feel.
★GreenEnergy™ 3%
SHORT-TERM-HYDRATION with a combination of powerful natural ingredients including Orange Blossom Honey for instant radiance, combined with immediate skin conditioning from natural extracted coconut and it’s lauric acid. Added detoxifying Ginger root and pure vitamins C & E leaves skin smooth and energized.
Amazing patented active TEAOXI®  technology with real Olive leaf, delivers natural linoleic acid to maintain moisture. Our real olive leaf is carefully ground & micronized for deep absorption into the skin, allowing the steeping of its magical properties Hydroxytyrosol, Oleuropein and Tyrosol for instant super sexy skin.

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